The Institute of Population, Family and Children (IPFCS) and the Center for Children and Development (CCD) cooperate with the Center for Legal Advocacy and Policy Research (CLAP), and the Light Institute of Public Health Development (LIGHT) implemented the project “TEENYEEU 24H CLUB MODEL – Promoting children’s right to participate in building codes of conduct at educational institutions from a gender perspective and improving communication capacity and constructive feedback.” Law on gender and sexuality”.
Project objectives:
Raise awareness so that children can identify the relationship between rules of conduct in school and family related to legal regulations on gender and sexuality:
Form a network of collaborators/legal consultants on gender and sexuality for minors.
Promote children’s participation in commenting on the draft Law on Gender Equality and communication about gender and sexuality
Participating as a legal expert, CLAP provides consulting and coordinates post-training supervision and consulting for students; Write training materials for consultants/school counsellors/collaborators on legal issues related to sexuality and children; Coordinate with experts in other fields to conduct online discussions to comment on the draft Gender Equality Law.
From November 9, 2023, to December 11, 2023, in Hanoi, the “School Counselor Training Program on Gender – Body Safety and Sexuality” occurred. This is one of the important training programs of the TEENYEEU 24H Club Project.
The program aims to provide school counsellors in particular and those who accompany children in general with:
(1) School consultation/counselling skills related to gender/RH/S based on the Principles of Child Protection at 3 levels and child-friendly laws;
(2) Procedures for documenting and handling consultation/consultation cases related to gender and sexuality (level 1 and 2 protection), including the referral process for professional support services (level protection). degree 3);
(3) Principles of privacy protection; Steps to handle media crises on social networks and the press to protect staff and children based on children’s rights.
At the training program, Dr. Tran Kien – Director of the Center for Legal Consulting and Policy Research (CLAP) had a training session on child-friendly legal consulting and legal support skills. Dr. Tran Kien focused on introducing and guiding several important skills and legal regulations when teachers provided initial legal support advice to students in both situations (1) they were victims. or (2) is a violator. This is an essential skill for anyone dealing with children.

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