Launching a legal consulting and policy research center at the annual forum event on International Men’s Day November 19

On the morning of November 24, 2022, the annual event of #VNMenNet on the occasion of the international men’s day on November 19 was successfully held in Hanoi with the participation of more than 50 delegates present at the event.

The event was organized by the Institute for Social Development Studies (ISDS) in collaboration with the Forum connecting men for gender equality and sustainable development (VNMENNET) on the occasion of International Men’s Day in response to the Month of Action for Equality. gender equality and preventing and responding to gender-based violence November 15 – December 15, and the 16-day Global Campaign of Uniting Action to End Gender-Based Violence.

This year’s forum takes the theme of the Month of Action: Accompanying Men and Boys in Reducing Pressures Related to Traditional Gender Roles. Through the Forum, delegates discussed and jointly found solutions to mobilize men in efforts to remove traditional gender roles, promote gender equality and prevent gender-based violence. Through the event, the VNMENNET Executive Board also reported and evaluated one year of activities of the Men’s Connection Forum for Gender Equality and Sustainable Development (from November 19, 2021 to November 19, 2022); At the same time, orient and develop an activity plan for the Forum in 2023.

Thanks to the great support of many individuals, domestic and international organizations, over the past year, the activities of individuals and organizations that are members of the Forum have been extremely positive and effective in all three regions of the country. At the forum, the most active individuals and pioneering men’s activist groups introduced typical activities, projects and typical movements such as: Pioneering Men’s Club in preventing violence against women. women and girls in Da Nang, Disabled People’s Association of Son Tay town, ISEE’s Marriage Without Stereotypes Campaign, Being a father is like that, Overcoming oneself by national disabled athlete Le Van Cong: Home champion of effort and compassion.

The forum also connected and introduced powerful and inspirational projects and activities of other domestic organizations and individuals such as the Vietnam Organization for the Promotion of Gender Equality (VOGE), the Gender Equality Movement. in Vietnam (VGEM); introduce a number of classic translations on the topic of gender and gender equality by translator Nguyen Thi Minh to share knowledge and experiences in the process of developing and implementing solutions to promote gender equality. , ending gender-based violence, contributing to sustainable development in Vietnam.

The forum also welcomed the launch of the Center for Legal Advice and Policy Research (CLAP) under the Institute for Social Development Studies (ISDS), which promises to meet the needs of support and advice. essential legislation of not only disadvantaged groups in the community but also domestic and foreign organizations in the process of promoting gender equality and ending gender-based violence in Vietnam. The Forum has agreed on a number of directions for action in the coming year, with a focus on providing essential legal support services to men who have a high risk of violence against women and children. children; organize youth summer camps on Gender Equality; as well as talkshows to raise awareness of gender and prevent gender-based violence, to introduce classic works and applied research on gender at a number of universities/colleges as well as the public sector. them throughout the country.

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