3 Benefits of hiring a business consultant

The global economy has grown strongly in recent years, which means that legal consulting services have also become an integral part.

In developed countries, using law consulting services is very common for businesses – to receive timely advice and support from lawyers to ensure safety, legality and effectiveness. results in business. At the same time, when a dispute occurs – Lawyers will represent the business to reach an agreement and participate in proceedings at Court.

Without understanding the law, individuals/businesses will behave subjectively, leading to undesirable consequences of violating the law. This affects not only businesses, but also people and assets.

Therefore, each company/individual should have help from business lawyers to ensure the business process is legal and promptly handle arising issues quickly and conveniently.

What legal services will a Corporate Lawyer provide?

Corporate business lawyers will give advice to individuals/organizations on healthy business orientation, as well as proper accounting and settlement.

Lawyers help businesses avoid tax violations or tax arrears – a potential risk that often occurs for businesses that declare and pay taxes themselves.

At the same time, lawyers also support businesses in shaping business strategies, mobilizing capital from other sponsors or borrowing money from banks.

1. Legal advice on contracts

With the help of a lawyer, businesses will improve their ability to sign contracts with partners and ensure legality consistent with the transaction process, strict and complete. Besides, thanks to the advice of lawyers, businesses will minimize potential risks due to loose regulations in contracts; Agreements or commitments are void due to illegality.

2. Minimize bad debt and recover outstanding debt

Bad debts are a financial burden for a business. Lawyers will support businesses right from the first steps:

  • Assess partner capacity.
  • Negotiate and sign contracts.
  • Monitor contract performance to minimize bad debts.

In addition, the business will have many debts that cannot be collected on its own. The help of lawyers will help businesses quickly recover outstanding debts effectively.

With in-depth knowledge of the law and close understanding of your field – Lawyers will give businesses more opportunities to successfully collect bad debts.

3. Representation to participate in litigation and mediation

During the course of business, there will be times when businesses fall into contract disputes with customers/partners or need to complain to the Court for resolution according to the provisions of law.

In these cases, businesses will need advice and advice from good lawyers in Vietnam – who are knowledgeable about the law and have strong “real combat” experience in this situation to join the peace process. or represent the proceedings at the Court.

In addition, corporate lawyers are also the focal point to help businesses implement: services in international cooperation, auction, audit, valuation..

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